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8 May 2017
by: Josh Newis-Smith

Stepping into Tamara Eccelestone’s house is like stepping into the house you imagined as a child, if you were wealthier than Richie Rich himself. Split across four floors, a stone’s throw from Kate and Will’s pad at Kensington Palace (which seems humble in comparison to Tamara’s gaff) it has more rooms than Tamara can even count and acts as a pink playground to her adorable three year old daughter, Sophia (nicknamed Fifi) and their eleven dogs- and no that isn’t a typo!

However given the grandeur, the two walk in wardrobes which are split into seasons and have a greater square footage than most central London flats, Tamara is surprising a very really normal heiress with a cracking sense of humour. As she protests, “I have a pyjama problem. The weirdest thing is I have all these clothes and all I want is pyjamas and slippers.”

In our exclusive video Tamara Ecclestone takes Joshington Hosts on the ultimate wardrobe tour showing her Vera Wang wedding dress for the first time, show off her mini Chanel shop, defends breast feeding her three year old daughter and talks about the launch of her latest project, a beauty range for children, Fifi and Friends…

“I am that mum that will put her pyjamas on for the school run– I think any mum who doesn’t do that is a fraud! You are lucky if I brush my hair, I made special effort for you today.”

“I was so involved in the redesigning of the house. When I brought it, it was so different from what it looks like now. It really reflects what I wanted. But I don’t know how many rooms are in the house as I only live in about four of them. Loads of people work in the house, it’s a happy environment- it has a great atmosphere and vibe. They are like my extended family.”

“I am that Mum- Reese Witherspoon from Big Little Lies. Jay (Tamara’s husband) says that, ‘you are that mum.’ I am so possessive and territorial. Play dates really scare me because what happens if you don’t like the mum? I am so lucky my sister had three kids because I love my sister and I love her kids.”

“I have the most Chanel stuff and handbags are my greatest extravagance. I think of them as real investments- they are forever pieces. I am going to give them to my daughter one day and I have bags my mother gave to me, too.”

“I am of the opinion that if you like it and it works you should get it in more than one colour…” We counted one Chanel beach bag in eight different colours… talk about babe’ing at the beach!

“My most prized possession apart from my child, as she doesn’t live in this wardrobe, is my wedding dress. I didn’t seel my wedding photos so this is the first time this has been seen in public. I knew I wanted strapless because I think it’s super flattering, I knew I didn’t want white white and I knew I wanted Vera Wang. I went to New York, picked it and had it made from scratch. I didn’t meet Vera but I met her when she made my sister’s wedding dress- why didn’t I meet her when she made mine!”

“My wedding was the most amazing weekend of my life. I met my husband in January and we married in the summer that year so many people came to the wedding thinking it was our engagement party so it was a complete surprise. My dad giving me away was so special, he was really a calming influence as I was flapping so much.”

“‘Don’t get mad, get even,’ is the best piece of advice my Dad has given me.”

“I am obsessed with Zimmerman. I went to the store in LA and I went crazy… so much so I don’t need to shop for the rest of spring/summer.”

“I don’t think I am ever 0TT! But my husband does, he is really classic and conservative so sometimes he says, ‘what are you wearing!’”

“Fashion is my greatest vice, but probably more for my daughter than me. We should have done this in my daughter’s wardrobe as it’s even better than this. It’s over a few rooms. She has so many cute things, anything that is small is super cute and she has a lot of dressing up. I invest more in her wardrobe than mine now.”

“I went through this phase when I was younger where I wore foundation that was so orange. My mum used to tell me to go back upstairs and change so it matched my neck! My biggest fashion regret though was the Juicy Couture tracksuit phase. It was lime green and tucked into an UGG boot- I don’t’ even know what to say!”

“Fifi is very honest. She knows what I can and cannot have; she is as opinionated as I am. Sometimes she says I look crazy but not today she said I looked pretty!”

“Fifi and Friends inspired by the Tasmanian devil (Fifi), she has been on fire this morning! There are so many products that I wish existed at bath time like my niece has really curly hair and I wished that there were products that catered to that. Not all kids lines have conditioners and there were a lot of sunscreens I wasn’t keen on.”

“I never really wanted to have kids. I was never the girl who really wanted to grow up and have a Labrador and four children. So to be so obsessed with my daughter and my life as a mum is the most unexpected best surprise ever.”

“I will never get my head around why people have a problem with me breast feeding my child. There are so many other things people should be worried about. There are people who feed their children happy meals and coke. Its such a personal thing between me and my daughter so I don’t understand people’s outrage on the matter.”

Fifi and Friends is available here.

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