A Rundown Of How Many Calories There Are In Your FavouriteIce-Creams

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26 May 2017
by: Hannah Gransden

Ice-cream season is officially here and we’re so, so ready.

I mean, no picnic is really ever complete without a visit to the ice cream truck (no shame) and then there’s the beach, and literally any other time the sun’s out.

To celebrate we’re going to bring the happiness levels down a notch and reveal the cold (frozen) truth about those pesky calories, because is ignorance really bliss? (Answer: yes).

We’ve not often considered the calorie count when deciding on which ice-cream treat to order before (truth be told, we’ve just gone with the retro photo we like best) but we may just give it a little more thought now considering how cray these numbers are (why, Magnum, why?)

So, here we have it – our most loved ice-creams listed from most calorific to almost bordering on healthy:

McFlurry with M&M’s
Calorie count: 650

Magnum Classic
Calorie count: 260

Calorie count: 267

Snickers Ice Cream
Calorie count: 250

Calorie count: 249

99 Flake Cone
Calorie count: 240 cals

Calorie count: 234

Aero Double The Bubble
Calorie count: 221

Crunchie Blast
Calorie count: 200

Solero Exotic
Calorie count: 208

Cornetto Srawberry
Calorie count: 196

Calorie count: 76

Oh, and if it’s a really hot day (or, you know, if it’s on offer) the Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey wins 1st prize weighing in at a whopping 1,140 cals. Or, for a tasty treat that’s a little ‘lighter,’ the (not technically an ice-cream) Mini Milk is a classic that barely scrapes 30 calories together – so no need to run away from the slightest hint of a musical number from an approaching ice-cream van.


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