Drop Everything Mot Champagne Now Comes In A Six-Pack

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24 May 2017

Before now the only six packs of summer were available in beer or bod form… Now there’s a new six pack about town and we’re more than a little giddy about the whole thing.

We’re talking picnic size Moët bottles, guys. Yes, it happened. So, the next time your picnic come beach outing come day at the races isn’t looking as cool and millennial as you would perhaps like, now you can really amp it up with a six pack of champers (no sharing necessary…)

Meaning, you can wave goodbye to those gins in a tin that have been a staple since 2011 and upgrade your picnic spread with a happy amount of mini Moëts, and you know Insta’s going to love it.

As if they’re in our heads, Moët and Chandon said in a statement:

“Whether staying local for a backyard barbecue or heading out of town with friends, the Moët Mini Share Pack is the best way to elevate any summer soirée.”

I mean, are they right or are they right?

This might even beat the time Moët & Chandon brought out that champagne vending machine (we like your thinking guys). Oh, and if the *super* cute mini champers isn’t already everything to you, each bottle also comes with a chic golden flute topper, because all the reasons. Cheers to that…

Although, swanning around with a mini Moët that may or may not have a straw swaying from it will come at a posh price. A six pack of the juice will cost you just shy of $100 – with each bottle getting you a pretty 177 milliliters (about a glass and a half) of Moët & Chandon’s classic Imperial Brut. For something a little cheaper, we reckon you can’t go wrong with these prosecco ice lollies.

We can’t explain it, but whether it’s the travel beauty products at the airport, or teeny bottles of champagne – mini anything is just always better, don’t argue with me.


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