How To Bare Your Bralette Like A True Fashion Girl

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27 Apr 2017
by: Josh Newis-Smith

The bra top (or bra-lette) is cropping up everywhere at the moment, in case you didn’t already know. Whether you want to fully flash your flesh or take a more reserved approach, it has never been more ‘acceptable’ to bare your bra in public.

Wearing your underwear as outwear is nothing new. Hello, Madonna in the 1980s but with Dior’s spring/summer 2017 collection showcasing big Bridget pants and sheer bras that left to the imagination, it’s clearly never been chicer.

What’s more the, ‘so what, it’s my bra’ approach is fast becoming to feminism in 2017 what bra burning was to feminism in the 1960s and 1970s AKA a political statement that shouldn’t be questioned by anyone.

Feeling empowered? Here is how to bare your bralette from brunch to the bar…

Bare at night…

Reveal and conceal can go a long way when it comes to twighlight flirting, take Katy Perry in Chanel for example. At first glance you may think, ‘oh grandma’s curtains have never looked better,’ and then BAM, the demure exterior is destroyed by the not-so humble bra top. Cheeky and chic, winner, winner!

Bare for brunch…

if you dare to bare like Bella Hadid expect your brunch buddies to say, “babe you are so fit and amazing and barely look like you have broken into a sweat at the gym.” Let’s be honest you didn’t go to the gym at all did you? Go on, make Sporty Spice proud by kicking the bra top into touch with matching leggings.

Bare with your waist…

Your midriff is THE zone to show this season and nothing accentuates this more than teaming a high waisted trouser with a crop top. For that ‘give a sh*t’ librian look throw over an oversized cardigan and spectacles. The vibe to channel is ‘sexy geek,’ which is surprisingly seductive.

Bare with tailoring…

Nothing screams power dressing like a tailored suit with a flash of lace underneath. Seductive and powerful, it’s the 2017 version of padded shoulders. Just don’t forget your nipple covers if you are bareing in the boardroom.

Bare at festivals…

The crop top is quickly overtaking the floral garland as THE attire accent for your festival look. Sofia Richie, who is permanently top of the crops of late, showed off her bra top/ bikini top during Coachella. Fashioning a look which can only be described as Jenny from the Block circa ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing,’ Richie equally serves up an apres beach look. Also basically making a mechanic’s jumpsuit THE latest beach cover up. Very Phil Mitchell at the beach AKA Chic AF.

Here’s our edit of the bra tops to shop now from Britney bitch denim to daring gym get-ups…

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