Is Bamboo The Secret To Big Bouncy Hair

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5 May 2017

Until recently, I’d sort of given up on my hair. Scratch that: I’d actually given up on trying to change or to influence its style. My reasons were manifold. For one, I have a cow’s lick, so the front portion is basically untameable. The bottoms flick out and nothing I can do prevents them from doing so. Most annoyingly, no product or technique would inject volume into my roots for longer than a few hours – whatever I did, it resolutely remained flat to my head while my ends kicked out a little.

Thing is, I wasn’t too bothered by the wild fringe or odd bottom section – I’m a bit of a fan of hair that looks ever so slightly untamed and, well, unique. The volume thing, though, really got to me. I liked my texture (bit wavy, bit unpredictable), but I really wanted oomph, body and just a little more of that elusive Bardot vibe in the mix.

Enter the OGX Strength & Body + Bamboo Fibre-Full Shampoo and Conditioner. Rather than rely on spurious ingredients to help plump the shaft of hair or what not, it uses actual bamboo fibres that prop up strands. The result, the bottle promised, was ‘plump-looking tresses.’

Intrigued, I washed my hair with it for a week, following diligently with the conditioner on the ends where I have balayaged sections and was pretty impressed: the fibres do really seem to lend hair a bit of extra swish and push volume into the roots. Surprisingly, the effect didn’t wear off over the course of the day – the fibres continued to do their thing, holding my hair up like an invisible scaffold.

Best of all is that the conditioner didn’t weigh my hair down in the slightest as it too contains the bamboo fibres. So now I have hair that looks like my own, just with an added punch of volume. Who said you couldn’t have it all?


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