SCREAMS Topshop Installs A Water Slide YOU Can Ride In Store

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25 May 2017
by: Josh Newis-Smith

Topshop, Oxford Street has long been a fashion fairground in it’s own right but it has taken it one step further by adding a water slide that you can actually ride to its window.

Transforming their shop window into an interactive pool scene you can skip up the steps just inside the iconic store, place yourself at the top of a water slide, sitting on an inflatable of your choice-naturally, it’s 2017 durr! With the magic of a headset you will be catapulted at speed into a 360 degree Virtual Reality water slide. Prepare for the ride of your life!

Our Joshington Hosts (our weekly celebrity vlogger) was the first to try out the slide that begins with you teetering over the top of the Topshop Oxford Street building before looping across the iconic Oxford Street in a white knuckle ride that feels VERY real! Those of a nervous disposition should approach with caution… we are not joking. The computer-generated landscape is the stuff childhood dreams are made of and it doesn’t stop there with MANY shock twists along the way.

SPLASH! at TOPSHOP runs from Thursday 25th May to 4th June and it is completely FREE! All you need to do is just turn up at the store, but be aware: if you are anything like Joshington Hosts you will experience motion sickness. It’s THAT REAL!

Speaking about the installation,Topshop’s Global Marketing and Communications Director at TOPSHOP, Sheena Sauvaire commented, “Topshop Oxford Street has one of the most prominent store fronts in the world and we are excited to offer our consumers the opportunity to be part of it with an exhilarating VR experience. As VR technology continues to advance our desire was to blend it with retail theatre to create an immersive and shareable experience for our consumers, as a fun way to celebrate the start of summer.” It does just that!

The experience doesn’t just stop at the end of the water slide, oh no! You can share the ride with your followers at a dedicated SPLASH! at Topshop area within the store and Snapchatters can make the most of an exclusive Topshop lens available from Saturday 27th May. consider yourself fully immersed in this very surreal summer world… and you don’t get wet. Win. Win.

Kicking off the summer season in considerable style keep your beedy eyes peeled for Hershesons’s summer hair tutorials live in store, summer themed nail art from Cheeky salon and Milk Train café will be opening a pop-up for all your ice cream needs, as well.

Doesn’t feel real enough? Well Topshop is also pumping the smell of suncream into the store too. Who needs to go on a jolly abroad anymore in the 21st century?


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