The 16 Festival Beauty Hamper That Even Includes A Mac

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26 May 2017
by: Madeleine Spencer

With festivals and summer parties on the horizon, mini beauty products are having a moment. In fact, collections of mini beauty products are having a moment, with a bunch popping up on the shelves in the past week alone – though none have thrilled us quite so much as the brilliant Soap & Glory Happy Glamper set.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s in it:

1) Hand Maid. Whip this out when hand washing is impossible and a speedy sanitising gel is the only way to go.

2) Rushower. This mini dry shampoo so that you can dodge showers for the weekend and nobody will know.

3) Original Pink Body Spray. This will also help to mask that whole no shower situation.

4) Sexy Mother Pucker. Bright lipstick = the key to looking fresh faced when you feel anything but.

5) Supercat. Equally, a lick of liner will wake up tired eyes in no time.

6) Foldaway Brush. With a mirror. You’ll need both, trust us.

7) Off Your Face. Wipes aren’t an ideal way to cleanse skin, but when there’s nothing else to hand, crack these out.

8) Glamorak. Soap & Glory have chucked this in for those inevitable summer showers. Thoughtful, no?

Get yours now for a bargain £16 here.


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