The Queens Been Wearing The SameNail Vanish For 28 Years And Its Only 7.99

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25 May 2017
by: Hannah Gransden

Elaborate nail inspo has been an Insta staple since nail foils met ombre nails met marble nails and that’s before we get into gemstone manicures… amirite?

Maybe there’s too much nail inspo out there, who knows? What we do know to be true is that sometimes you really can’t go wrong with a classic neutral mani (anyone whose ever tried to remove glitter polish, raise your hand).

One royal who can vouch for a classic nude look is none other than The Queen. According to The Queen’s personal hairdresser, there’s one particular nude polish that she cannot get enough of…

Turns out it’s none other than Boot’s classic: ‘Ballet Slippers’ by Essie -The Queen’s for a pretty £7.99. Who needs access to cray expensive beauty brands when you can pick up a perfectly decent polish alongside your shampoo and vitamin tablets?

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Throwing it back, apparently The Queen’s hairdresser penned a 1989 letter to the brand’s founder Essie Weingarten, requesting the popular nail varnish. In a statement, Essie have said: ‘Queen Elizabeth’s hairdresser sent Essie a letter requesting ballet slippers – the only colour Her Majesty would wear’.

If this one’s not already in your stash, the nail vanish in question is a classic pink hue with a chic sheer finish – definitely fit for a Queen. I mean, it’s a total staple and literally goes with any royal outfit. What’s not to like?

Apparently The Queen really-really likes it, so much so she’s actually never-ever wears another shade. Well, if it ain’t broke…

Oh, and Essie isn’t only popular with The Queen. Kate Middleton also used Essie nail vanish for her own finishing touches on her royal wedding day back in 2011. We like to think they borrow from each other, or that there’s a giant royal collection hidden in Buckingham Palace.

Looks like the queen’s been royally waving in style since ’89 – keep doing you, Queen Elizabeth.


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