The Real Cost of Being in Taylor Swift's Squad

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5 May 2017
by: Marcellino

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Ever dream of being an elite member of Taylor Swift’s squad? Well, it’ll cost you!

Let’s take the Fourth of July as an example. Just getting to Swift’s Rhode Island estate for her annual patriotic bash will cost you around £800 for a private flight – if you’re already in New York. We hate to think about the price from Heathrow…

Then, if you really want to achieve #squadgoals? You’ll need to pick up the £130 red, white, and blue swimsuit to match the pop star. When nighttime rolls around, don’t forget your American flag onesie for an added £122.

Taylor Swift squad

But, it’s all worth it for the photos, right? And remember, you’ll need that giant pool float for the best Instagram photo of all for just under a hundred quid.

For the full breakdown of what it costs to be in Taylor Swift’s squad, check out the video, courtesy of Coinage, Time Inc.’s personal finance video company.




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