This Cult Concealer Really Will Cover That Spot

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3 May 2017
by: Ava Welsing-Kitcher

Meet Bye Bye Undereye. Trust us, it will make you look like you’ve slept for days.

Finding a concealer that’ll double down to hide both dark circles and blemishes is no easy feat. Odds are, that creamy formula with the perfect peachy undertone goes to town under your eyes, but looks orange and cakey on recovering pimples, making their existence even more obvious, which is not anyone’s aim. And that smooth, liquid formula which cancels out redness? You might as well forget it for targeting veiny eyelids and purple circles – it barely conceals and the shade just doesn’t make you look like you’ve slept for 10 hours. 

Enter It Cosmetics’ cult hero concealer, the Bye Bye Undereye, which isn’t quite like anything I’ve used before. It promises to anti-age and moisturise (hello, hyaluronic acid), which definitely scores bonus skincare points, something we’re seeing more and more of in cosmetics. It also claims to work for pretty much every area on your face, from redness to dark circles to hyperpigmentation. Multi-use products are a firm favourite of pretty much everyone, so this one just had to be put to the test.

You can probably tell that the left side is the one that’s beautifully concealed, with my dark undereye, dark marks from leftover spots, and the hormonal redness around my nostrils covered equally as well. The Bye Bye Undereye concealer works really nicely in a multitude of areas, for several reasons:

The consistency is quite surprising. It’s a little bit syrupey (in a great way), so it’s slightly thicker and smoother than a gel or water-based consistency, but it’s definitely more hydrating than a cream-based concealer.

The coverage is really buildable. It’s also incredibly versatile when it comes to coverage; a little really goes a long way, and simply patting it on effectively covers any smooth area, like the undereye. However, if you take some time to warm it up and work it into the skin, don’t worry – any raised or broken areas of skin won’t become highlighted or aggravated at all, and the product really does melt in.

That. Finish. It gives a slightly luminous, dewy finish that turns to a more matte, skin-like version when blended in more.

That undereye crease is avoidable. Creasing does happen with concealers, but you can stop it right before it gets the chance. As always, you should leave the concealer to oxidise for a minute before gently tapping over the applied areas with your finger. Dust lightly with a setting powder, and enjoy the absence of that awful under eye crease come lunchtime.


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